Monday, October 6, 2008


"It's not my homepage, but it might as well be. I use it to ego-surf. I use it to read the news. Anytime I want to find out anything, I use it."
- Matt Groening, creator and executive producer, The Simpsons

"Google means that I no longer have an excuse to be ignorant. You can't go into meetings unprepared anymore! I have a Google sticker on my computer that, when I go through airport security and take out my PC, the security guys see and act like I have a cute baby or something: 'Ooh, Google!'"
- Esther Dyson, chair, EDventure Holdings

"Writers of the past had absinthe, whiskey, or heroin. I have Google. I go there intending to stay five minutes and next thing I know, seven hours have passed, I've written 43 words, and all I have to show for it is that I know the titles of every episode of The Nanny and the Professor."
- Michael Chabon, author, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

"Actually, Google has had zero impact on my life."
- Steven Brill, Court TV founder and magazine entrepreneur; author, After: How America Confronted the September 12 Era

"I can't imagine life without Google News. Thousands of sources from around the world ensure anyone with an Internet connection can stay informed. The diversity of viewpoints available is staggering."
- Michael Powell, chair, Federal Communications Commission

"Google rocks. It raises my perceived IQ by at least 20 points. I can pull a reference or quote in seconds, and I can figure out who I'm talking to and what they're known for - a key feature for those of us who are name-memory challenged."
- Wes Boyd, president,

"Google has improved my sex life, tightened my abs, and brought me closer to God. (I keed.) Actually, as a working gossip columnist, I appreciate Google as a rough - very rough - research tool. The Internet is still the Wild West."
- Lloyd Grove, columnist, New York Daily News

"My version is exactly what it is now. Google has got it right."
- Edward Tufte, Yale Professor of political science, computer science, statistics, and graphic design

"Google is my rapid-response research assistant. On the run-up to a deadline, I may use it to check the spelling of a foreign name, to acquire an image of a particular piece of military hardware, to find the exact quote of a public figure, check a stat, translate a phrase, or research the background of a particular corporation. It's the Swiss Army knife of information retrieval."
- Garry Trudeau, cartoonist and creator, Doonesbury

"Within the last seven days, Google has altered and augmented my perceptions of tulips, mind control, Japanese platform shoes, violent African dictatorships, 3-D high-definition wallpaper, spicy chicken dishes, tiled hot tubs, biological image-processing schemes, chihuahua hygiene, and many more critical topics. Clearly, thanks to Google, I am not the man I was seven days ago."
- John Gaeta, visual effects supervisor, the Matrix trilogy

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